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Benefits of Exterior Painting

In today's tough economic market, painting your homes exterior could possible be the biggest bang for your buck in terms of ROI! Truth of the matter is that exterior painting holds both an aesthetic purpose along with a functional purpose.


Did you know that while painting your homes exterior is fun, it is also necessary, helpful, and can save you money?

Read more below about exterior painting and find out how to brush up and cash in on these benefits.

  • Aesthetics & Curb Appeal ​​
    If you're thinking about putting your home up for sale, or already have, an exterior paint job may be exactly what you need for that extra curb appeal. The saying "If these walls could talk" actually comes into fruition here... and when you have a fresh coat of paint on your homes exterior those walls start to SCREAM elegance!
  • Protection Against the Elements
    Mother Nature is RUTHLESS. She does not care if your home is new or old... She is going to huff and puff and blow salt, raind, and wind against the exterior of your home. What exterior painting does is simple, first we scrape, sand, and prime and troublesome areas. Then we apply one to two thick coats of paint to your homes exterior. Think of this paint as a barrier or a shield against Mother Nature. This newly formed shield will help assist in costly repairs to come such as: 1) moisture seeping into your home. 2) Costly repairs caused by destroyed substrates. 3)Preventing against mildew damage... and much more!
  • Prevention of Possible Insect Infestations
    When deciding to go for an exterior paint job you could possible catch an early insect problem before it occurs. Termite damage is a MAJOR headache/problem for wood-based homes. Being proactive with an exterior paint job will help you notice a problem early enough to avoid costly repairs. Additionally a new top coat of paint to your homes surface can help prevent an infestation in the future.
  • Increased Home Value
    I remember reading in some home and garden magazine one time about different repairs you can do to your home and the average ROI they have. Typically a complete kitchen remodeling will cost around $10,000 and will only add $8,000 to your homes value. Now with exterior painting the average ROI is a lot more than 80%, in fact its said to be nationally averaged around 141%. WOW! this means that for every $1,000 you spend on exterior painting you can expect about $1,400 being added to the value of your home.
  • Increase the Life of Your Siding
    Traditional types of siding, wood, vinyl, and aluminum, typically stand the test of time. However periodically siding fails and needs to be changed or repaired. Exterior painting of your siding could help you stay proactive against these pricey repairs. Fresh paint will help your siding stay looking fresh by covering up those blemishes and problem areas. Also, don't forget about fading from the sun. Get rid of that chalky film your siding has and paint your home exterior​Painting your homes exterior is more of a need than a want. It will save you hundreds and thousands in the future simply by staying ahead of the game and protecting the substrate of your home. Vecchio Painting offers 2 different types of warranties for exterior painting depending on the final results you want. MOST importantly is that you choose someone with experience, and someone that you can trust. Give Vecchio Painting & Design LLC. a call or click the link to get a free custom estimate for your next exterior painting project.
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